Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Summer wrap up

Autumn blew in today with crispy high of 62 degrees (crispy high actually sounds like something you do in the cow pasture at midnight with mushrooms). From now on, the subway will be a lot puffier to ride and a lot less sweaty. (Again, that just sounds wrong.)

I do like autumn. If I have to do this whole "seasons" thing, at least that means I get to experience fall: the warm colors, the cool winds, the mysterious gourds.

Sadly, the end of summer does mean the end of most outdoor music activities, many of which I attended this year as a member of the Village Voice's glorious street team. The Electric Zoo Festival can go electrocute itself, but the Mermaid Parade on craptastic Coney Island was loads of fun, even in the pouring rain. And there was also Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park, the Luminescent Orchestra in World Trade Square, and of course, Brooklyn Heights opera.

For indoor fun, I attended the saucy puppet show, Avenue Q, a taping of the Daily Show, the New York Anime Festival, and almost lost my finger in a subway door. My point is, I have more fun than most people. Because I'm awesome. And a little stupid sometimes. It's a combination of the two, really, the stupid and the awesome, that makes life worth living.

On that note, here's a Jewish dumpster. Enjoy your day.

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