Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ninja Quest: Countdown to the Anime Festival!

The Japanese have a word: Otaku. It means nerd. Not American-style nerd, with pocket protector, D&D dice, and an opinion of who shot first (which doesn't refer to the JFK murder). Otaku is a specifically Japanese nerd: someone who knows the difference between anime and manga, has the complete box set of all of Hayao Miyazaki's films, and can make origami ninja stars.

A merge between the two would be someone who can make an origami Millennium Falcon. Twenty shiny yen to whoever can pull this off.

As you may recall from my earlier ninja quest for New York Japantown, I've got a little of the otaku in me. That's why, this Saturday, I'm going to the New York Anime Festival. I've got my combat boots, my short skirt, my plastic samurai sword (because they don't allow real swords inside the festival), and a hefty sack of I Love Ninja stickers to pass out.

It is coincidence that the Anime Festival occurs during the High Holy Days? I think not. Four days and counting...

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