Friday, October 2, 2009

Playwright Humor

Plays we'd all like to see:

"The Cliff," by Eileen Dover

"Perilous Driving," by Dora Jarr

"The Master Debater," by Mona Lott

"Revenge of the Tiger," by Claude Balls

"Castration in Russia," by Ivan Kutchakakov

"Chaos in the Chinese Laundromat," by Hu Flung Shit

In poor taste? Sure, why not? It's Friday!

Speaking of playwrights, the BF's father is treating us to tickets to the opening of "The Royal Family," which the Village Voice says will be the big hit of the Broadway season. It's all very exciting, and I'll let everyone know how it all plays out.

That was an awful pun. I apologize. I hope these Buddha-shaped pears will win you my forgiveness.

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