Tuesday, September 8, 2009


On a more personal note, Big Scientist, the BF's big brother, and his lady friend came up from Washington D.C. this weekend to visit with the BF's family. The four of us had lunch and dinner together and a grand time was had by all, especially me, a carrier of my family's mischievous-gene.

As BS said after we left the Italian restaurant, "Oh, before drinks you're all like, My dad doesn't have fireworks, he's all about safety. And then after drinks, it's all about your dad blowing things up with dynamite at the drive-in."

Yes, my people: many generations of being the family other children aren't allowed to play with.

BS is a chemist, because biology is too massive and physics is too microscopic, but chemistry is juuuust right. He's a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world's largest general scientific society, according to their website. So BS is a member of AAAS.

It isn't every day that the universe just hands you a joke like that. Take a moment to savor it.

Over drinks and dessert at the Hudson Hotel--BS: "At the end of the night, you're all going to thank me for ordering the cookie platter"--he mentioned seeing his name referenced his friends' blogs after one of his pisco sour parties. This excited him, and he waited eagerly to see if his friends would blog about his next party, but alas, the party came and went without making the society pages, as they say. Eventually, he realized that his friends' blog was about feminism and babies, and the only reason he got a nod the first time was because he told the writers that "bubby," their nickname for their daughter, meant "grandmother" in Yiddish. It had nothing to do with his fabulous party skills.

"Would you like me to mention you in my blog?" I asked sweetly.

"Uh, well--"

BS's lady friend jumped in. "Actually, yes, he'd love for you to mention him."

"Yeah," he admitted, "I would."

"I was going to anyway. I'll call you Big Scientist."

So BS is a member of AAAS and he does, indeed, have fabulous party skills. He can party with my people any day of the week (especially if he knows the chemical makeup of gunpowder).

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