Thursday, September 3, 2009

A day without cats, and cheese'n'crackers what's wrong with that cat's eye?!

According to Urlesque, September 9th is to be "A day without cats on the Internet." From Urlesque:

"Cats rule the internet. Think about all the funny cat photos and videos that infest your IM conversations, Facebook walls and e-mail forwards from mom -- our feline overlords have sneakily solidified themselves as a staple of the interweb humor we love so dearly... Urlesque is organizing a web-wide ban on cat-related coverage on 9.9.09 -- A Day Without Cats on the Internet. Why only one day? Well let's be honest, that's probably only as long as we'll last before a hilarious video comes crashing into our inbox. But for one day, we will abstain... for you... for the cats."

Now, I was recently told that I couldn't post Facebook updates related to my roommate's kitten Eva anymore. I can't help it if the most interesting thing in my life is the cat, and I suspect that many people on the Internet have the same problem. Even if one lives in New York City, life is a basic repetition of up-work-home-tv/computer-bed, up-work-home-tv/computer-bed. But if there's a cat around, life is endlessly interesting. They're always plotting something and getting into trouble. Hurray for cats! Making us interesting since 9,000 BC.

It's not September 9th yet, so chew on this story:

My first kitten of my very own was a little black kitten I named Manini, which is Hawaiian for "small." (This isn't actually a picture of her, but it's close enough.) Manini was the runt of the litter, and whatever "Charlotte's Web" tries to teach you, never, ever pick the runt of the litter. They aren't long destined for this earth and will cause endless amounts of trouble and vet bills before shuffling off this mortal coil and into the annals of family legend.

When Manini first learned how to walk, she toddled out into the yard and crawled up inside my mom's car engine, wedging herself inside the headlight and getting utterly stuck. My dad had to remove the headlight to get her out.

Another day, she toddled out onto the porch and tried to eat out of the dog's bowl. The German shepherd, our guard dog, opened her enormous jaws and bit down on Manini's head like a little kid eating a jelly bean. The pressure of the dog's teeth caused one of Manini's eyes to pop out of its socket, so she toddled back into the kitchen, crying piteously, with her eyeball bulging out of her head.

Mom took her to the vet's office and got her stitched up, but the next day--the VERY NEXT DAY--Manini toddled out into the yard again and sat behind Mom's car. Being a black bit of fluff on a background of black lava rocks, Mom didn't see her as she backed out of the car port.

Thus ended the brief, unfortunate life of Manini the Kitten. Moral of the story: don't pick the runt. Pick the great big kitten that kicks all of the other ones out of the way to be first at Mamacat's nipples. That's the cat you want.

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