Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Station Identification

We pause now for station identification.

You are reading Big Island Rachel on I'm Rachel and I'm from the Big Island of Hawaii. I live in Brooklyn now. Most of the people who read this blog are my family members and they already know all this.

I have a book review blog over at that I update on Saturdays. I have a college radio show called the Rodent Hour. We broadcast at 8PM Tuesday nights and you can listen to us online anywhere in the world. Local New York bands play a live set, we interview them, we each some chili, and everyone goes home happy and has trouble getting up for work the next morning.

Recurring characters on my blog are my boyfriend, the BF; his brother Big Scientist, BS; my friend R; Mum, Sister and Daddio; and co-workers designated titles like A, M, Tall Boss, and Big Boss. Recurring themes are feminism, comic books, and life in Brooklyn, New York.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

I like Catwoman.

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