Sunday, April 14, 2013

No pedestrian bridge for me

I had a thought as I was falling asleep the other night: "Now's about the right time for me to be turned into a vampire. I'm still good-looking enough."

Random feedback from the ghost in the machine.

Last night, R and I went out to dinner and walked along the Brooklyn Promenade. After the winter that just wouldn't fucking die, it's finally about 50 degrees and actually a pleasure to be outside, instead of simply a task to be endured. We wanted to walk on the new pedestrian bridge that goes from the Promenade to Brooklyn Bridge Park, jumping over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to Pier 1. (The picture on my blog sidebar of shirtless dude lounging in a crowd of people on the grass is BBP Pier 1.) As we stepped on the pedestrian bridge, R squealed, "Oh, it bounces! I like that!"

I replied, "I don't like it. I'm getting off." And I ran back the way we came.

So we didn't get to cross the pedestrian bridge. But we did do something even more dangerous later that night: go to a bar in Bedstuy. As soon as we got of the G Train, R said that I'd better know where I'm going, otherwise she was flagging the first cab out of there. Ha! Jokes on her, there are no cabs in Bedstuy. But I did know where I was going, and we had a good time at a birthday party for another friend in Project Parlor. There was a pinata and everything.

That's all, really. Move along, nothing else to see here.

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