Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The ad copy writes itself

Last Friday and Saturday, Rachel handed out free condoms on a street corner in the West Village. Thank you, Village Voice.

Strangely enough, that's not sarcastic. Sure, it poured buckets of rain and I'm pretty sure that old lady thought I was giving her candy, in which case I feel kinda bad, but handing out free condoms in New York with a bunch of other Street Team members was one of the best NYC experiences I've ever had.

For one thing, the ad copy just writes itself when the product is condoms.

Weather specific: "Free raincoat! Keep the moisture out!"

Cab advertisement: "Free with every ride!"

"Things are looking up!" "Safe sex is important sex!" "You never know!" "Better have 'em and not need 'em, than need 'em and not have 'em!"

Product specific: "Because you've got better places to put your hands!" "Some assembly required!"

Those ones needs some explaining. These new condoms, Sensis condoms, have applicator tabs, little ribbons that you pull to unroll the condom over the, ahem, member, without having to worry about putting it on the wrong way or getting lubricant on your hands.

Two things: Is condom technology so complicated that civilization needed this advancement? And if getting lube on your hands is a problem for you, is sex really an activity you'll be doing in the first place? Seems to me like you're gross-out level might be too high for that particular pass time.

But who am I to judge? Maybe the clumsy, neat-freak demographic is grossly under-served in the prophylactic industry and this is the greatest thing to happen to personal hygiene since the tampon applicator.

Plus I found a milk crate on the street corner. And we all know how much I love crap I find on the street, so all in all, Free Condoms in the Rain weekend was good. Very good. Thanks, Village Voice!

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