Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hawaii Writers

Last night, the BF and I went out to our friend Rosa's birthday party in Bedstuy. Two weekends in a row I've been out now! The season really is changing.

I bring this up because a few weeks ago, I took Rosa to a reading of Hawaii writers at the Asian American Writers Workshop. Rosa told me afterward that she normally hates going to readings, because her family works in publishing and she's seen too many readings of pretentious New York writers whining about their waning libidos.

Girls can be eerily accurate sometimes.
I'm flattered to report that Rosa's trust in me was not misplaced. She said it was the best reading she'd ever been to, that the work was interesting and funny and sincere, and that she wants every one of those authors to be her aunties.

Stop, you're embarrassing them!
The woman in front, second from the right, was actually one of my classmates in college. We took a course together called the Sacred and Erotic in Lyric Poetry (yes, conservative fears about education in the liberal arts and humanities are all true!). She's a damn good poet, and has the best name for a poet ever: Christy Passion. She remembered me from back in the day, and we squealed and quoted lines from each others' poems, so a good time was had by all.

Not much else to say, except that the weather is warm enough that I have my windows open and the bonsai out on the fire escape. I guess I had to wait until spring before I could talk about Hawaii writers, otherwise it's just too damn hard to be shivering in Brooklyn while all these wonderful writers are back home in the islands.

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