Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chipped a tooth

Sometime between 8AM and 3PM yesterday, I chipped my front tooth. There's no negative space when I smile or anything, the tooth itself maintains its sleek perimeter, but when I run my tongue over it I can feel a declivity with sharp edges on the surface of the enamel.

Dang, it's my GOOD tooth, too!
After I'd gone through all this trouble to pre-cook a week's worth of super-soft food for my lunches: cooked squash, shredded barbecue chicken, cheesy grits. There's so much to do in the office with the graduation ceremony coming up, who has time to chew? And I know I should immediately make an appointment to go see a dentist and get it spackled before something worse happens to it, but watch me--just WATCH me--decide that the old chomper can take one more for the team for now.

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  1. I'm glad that you're not letting a chipped tooth get in the way of an important event, although getting it fixed and taken cared of as soon as possible is still of paramount importance. At any rate, I trust that you've settled that issue by now. Thanks for sharing that, Rachel! Take care always! :)

    Karen Perry @ Brookside Dental Care