Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekly roundup

So ends another week in the service of my robot overlords, or Robolords, as the brain implants instruct me to call them on casual Fridays.

I usually don't post on the weekends, so to keep you occupied while I'm away, here is a roundup of things that made me smile while toiling in the rare metal mines.

On my recent trip to Spokane, I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the trailers and RVs in the Walmart parking lot, which is apparently an acceptable home address in today's economic climate. Fortunately, there's, because you should feel superior. (Seriously, look at the grill of that woman to the right. This planet is just begging to be destroyed!)

For a brief history of human awesomeness, here is a video making the rounds on the netterwebs, chronicling 100 years of special effects in films. Visual Effects: 100 Years of Inspiration.

And now for a bit of local color. This is a recently completed mural in Bedstuy that I saw on my way to work. I think it adds a bit of much-needed Mother Africa-flair to the area. Sadly, these may be the only rolling hills and huge, benevolent water goddesses many of the people in Bedstuy will ever see.

Next up is the Surreal Temping portion of the post. A coworker at the office had a bike custom made for her. Needless to say, she doesn't leave her new toy chained outside to to a lamp post during business hours, but instead, brings in inside for all of us to envy. Check out the handlebars.

For those strange people who mysteriously decided NOT to live in Hawaii, Kona is the name of a town on the Big Island, and Primo is a famous brand of Hawaiian beer that disappeared in the 80s and recently reappeared in every Longs and 7-11s from Honolulu to Waianae. How my coworker from Brooklyn ended up with the phrase "Kona Oh Primo" on her handlebars, I'll probably never know.

And finally, everyone's favorite game, What the Hell is That?! Whoever can guess the identity and/or origin of whatever the hell this is gets an extra ten-minute bathroom break between scalvaging copper wiring in the E-wasteland and quietly weeping into the daily ration of protein meal our Roboverlords so generously give us in return for complete obedience and adulation. Have a great weekend!

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