Thursday, August 27, 2009

Participate in the New Literacy Revolution!

Clive Thompson has a great article in this month's Wired magazine about the New Literacy. You should read it; it's awesome. People of my generation are writing more than any other generation, and we're doing it online for audiences on a scale that is simply mindblowing.

I say "we" in the royal sense, of course, because the scale of my audience is actually pretty small at this point. Still, I pretty pleased to be participating in this New Literacy Revolution with these lunch break blog posts, and I'd like to remind all of my readers that by reading Rachel's writing (isn't that fun to say?) you, too, are contributing to the cause and helping make our society more literate, one :) at a time.

As a reward, here are some singing kitties. Soldier on, comrades!

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