Sunday, August 23, 2009

Virtual Farming

My mother lives on a five-acre farm in Kailua-Kona, complete with Kona coffee, avocado trees, mango trees, lychee trees, lilikoi, macadamia nuts, chickens, pheasants, wild pigs, and cows.

She's also lured the neighbor's cat into her house. As a family, we're divided on the ethics of this cat appropriation.

Despite all of this land, all these plants, and all these animals, Mum also has a Facebook farm, with 2 virtual trees, 6 virtual plots, and a virtual chicken.

She doesn't yet have a virtual cat. That would cost extra.

Of course, I shouldn't judge her. I'm blogging about my family and skyping them at the same time. So who's really blurring the lines between actuality and virtuality here?

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