Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why does it hurt?!

I'm a little pokey on the keyboard today because of what I did to my thumb last night.

When I was cutting onions for a stew, the knife slipped and cut through my thumbnail, right to the pulpy stuff underneath. If it hadn't been such a dull blade, I probably would have sliced the tip of my thumb clean off. Did it hurt? So  much, gang. So much. It felt like a bee was stinging my thumb--and the bee is made of adamantium and is on fire.
Took the Internet less time to find an image of my pain than it did for me to inflict that pain.
 Once again, I am an exceedingly lucky Big Island Rachel, and once again, I realized that I am a terrible Girl Scout. I determined at first glance that nothing had fallen off and I probably didn't need stitches, so I grabbed a dirty kitchen towel, wrapped it tightly around my thumb to soak up the blood, and then bend over with my hand between my knees, thinking, "I'm doing the right thing!"

Later, when I came to my senses, I realized that the dirty towel probably wasn't the best move, and the bending over definitely was not. Bleeding parts should be elevated, so gravity helps keep the blood inside you. And bleeding parts shouldn't be wrapped in the same cloth you use to wipe plant-water off the counter after you water the bonsai.

Hey, new season of my radio show starts next week! Huzzah!

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