Saturday, October 9, 2010

New York Comic Con--Day 1

sorry for typos and lack of pictures, but I'm out the door for day 2!

Riding the bus from Penn Station to the Javits Center, I see a stream of people walking into Manhattan wearing costumes, superhero t-shirts, and con passes. It's 6 in the evening and I just got off work to come to the con for the Venture Bros. panel, and so glad I am that it takes place at 8, giving me enough time to dash there from Brooklyn.

Best part of NYCC on Friday night: I go into the convention center through the main doors and immediately run into Doc Hammer, Venture Bros. co-creator and voice actor. Literally. Brother almost stepped on me on his mad dash out the door for either a Starbucks or a shot of whiskey, or maybe a really cute fangirl invited him to her car, I'm not sure.

I get in line early for the Venture Bros. panel--so early that I end up sitting through the Robot Chicken panel before it. While in line, some people in front of my try to start a wave. He gives it about five tries, and each time more people catch on to what's happening, but it always stalls at the same clump of people about twenty feet behind me.

Overheard in the line: "What the hell? You're too cool to do the wave? Dude, you're already here at the con, dressed up as a character you used to fantasize about in middle school, but you can't do the wave because 'it's not cool'?"

In the IGN Theater, it's standing room only. I'm alone--not because I'm a loser, but because my con-buddy can't make it until Saturday--and I spy an empty seat in the packed hall.

"Is someone sitting here?" I ask the thin, pasty young gentleman sitting next to it.

He looks me right in the eye and says, "Yeah, you."

And that's why I love the con. My people.

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