Saturday, June 26, 2010

We jazz, right?

Jazz at Lincoln Center last night, a very late-night gig that takes place at Dizzy's Club in the Time Warner Center. I really like this gig because I get partnered with a representative of J@LC and she does most of the talking. I just sit around and hot up the place.

I also like this gig because I get to hear free jazz. This time I even called the BF up after my Voice duties ended and we had a midnight jazz rendezvous. I think Matt Dillon might have been there at the club, too. New York City is fun.

The BF tells a great jazz story and I'm kicking myself for not remembering the details, like names and dates, but I'll do my best: the BF's father's friend was working for a record label and was interested in signing a band on the rise. He asks the bandleader, "Now, do you folks play jazz?"

I imagine the band leader swelling up like an angry cat at this point. He says, "How dare you?! How dare you try to belittle our proud African-American heritage with your white boy, bullshit labels?!"

The record guy stammers, "I'm, I'm very sorry, I meant no disrespect, it's just that the label pays triple royalties if you play jazz."

The bandleader looks at his fellow band members and says, "We jazz, right?"

Yeah. We jazz.

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