Saturday, April 17, 2010

Working for The Man...

... who is actually a woman, but still definitely The Man. I went back into the phone booth this week and came out as Mighty Temp, this time playing assistant to a very high makamaka executive at some midtown company. The Man pretty much ignores me and lets me do my work, but hearing her talk on the phone and to her coworkers, I have determined that she is very powerful, very frightening, and kicks ass on a regular basis. Also swears a lot. Probably goes with the asskicking territory.

This is my first encounter with that New York creature of lore, the high powered executive, and while I don't ever want to be on her bad side, I wouldn't mind have a beer with her. You don't see a lot of women in power, and hearing her cursing in the office behind mine gives me a feminist rush like you wouldn't believe.

But the awesome doesn't stop there. I have a window--that's not the awesome, but it makes a nice change from the basement-and-brick-walls work station of my previous assignment--and the window faces a building with Batman logos and a decal of Superman in flight in the windows. I thought to myself, "Self, wouldn't it be great if that was the DC Comics New York headquarters?"

I checked. It totally is. I sit across from the DC Comics New York headquarters. A powerful woman as The Man and my favorite comics distributor across the way--and did I mention that my office constantly has free sandwiches and cake in the kitchen?

I'm so glad I went into that phone booth.

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