Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's bunching my panties today?

No, it's not the weather, although damn you, winter, with your static electricity and your frozen globs of spit on the subway platform.

It's definitely not my new dancing shishimai robot from Kinokuniya Books. He's just awesome. He sways and taps his little feet to recorded taiko and fue music. Daah, da-da-da, deedledee...

Where was I?

Right, my panties are bunched because I've been following the Prop 8 trial, Perry v. Schwarzeneggar, in the California Supreme Court for the last three days. The court is trying to decide whether or not the ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional. Very exciting stuff. It's only THE civil rights trial of my generation--we're talking Roe v. Wade and Brown v. Board of Education big--and while I could give two toodles of my shishimai robot about the executive and legislative branch of this country, I happen to care a great deal about the decisions of the judicial branch.

I won't go into details. This isn't a political blog, not like our friend Risking Hemlock's site, but he's in Israel right now and probably doesn't have time or opportunity to comment on PvS. Also, the US Supreme Court isn't allowing the trial to be televised or streamed online (though originally the whole three-week long proceedings were going to be on YouTube), so there might not be a lot of coverage on the news. I follow a live blog (you can, too, in the link above) written by spectators in the overflow room of the courthouse--imperfect and unedited, but better than nothing, and it gives me another opportunity to think about the impact of the Internet and social networking tools on journalism. I'm now addicted to the refresh icon on my browser and I get antsy if nothing new gets posted every ten minutes. Hence the bunching.

On a totally unrelated note, I've added a new link to "Sites I like that you might like." Heartless Doll is the sister-site of Topless Robot (which is the geeky little brother site of the Village Voice). It's more nerdy news and features, but it's written by and about the wahines. Please enjoy.

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