Friday, January 22, 2010

Box 'o Ramen

I ate a lot of Top Ramen growing up. And I mean a LOT of ramen, we're talking so much ramen that by the time I hit college, the prime ramen years, I made Stovetop Stuffing in my dorm room with purloined butter and hot water rather than eat another packet of freaking ramen--on a plate with the spice packet sprinkled on top, floating in a bowl of its own broth, uncooked and crunched up with the spices sprinkled on it, fried in butter with chives, cold and tossed with SPAM and eggs--see, you think I'm exaggerating the amount of ramen I've eaten in my lifetime, but I've probably forgotten more ramen recipes that you've ever even heard of.

So it may seem strange that I'm promoting this website, "Savor the Choice," they urge. While for reasons previously discussed, I'm not going to take them up on their "savor" suggestion. However, I do really like choice. I am a radical feminist, after all. And for $20, you can pick and choose 20 different kinds of Japanese ramen (important distinction, not all ramen is authentically Nippon) and they'll send it anywhere you want. You can get ramen delivered to your door! Or to the bottom of your driveway if you live in Hawaii. Me, I live in New York. That ramen would be in my vestible by next week if I were so inclined.

Also, since the sweet geeks at Topless Robot plugged Ramenbox on their site, you can get $10 off your next purchase by entering "toplessrobot" in the coupon code. We look out for each other in the otaku community.

Shoots, for $10, I may need in on this hot ramen action. I can always donate the it to City Harvest.

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