Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best use of a dog leash ever

I get weird looks from the clerks when I'm browsing the comic book store and reject any hardcover editions they try to sell me because hardcovers are too difficult to read in the bathtub. They're big, heavy, awkward and painful to hold aloft for too long, and the expense and quality is so high that I feel really bad when I inevitably drop them in the water. Book-n-bath time is very important to me, I can't have it marred by sore hand muscles and damaged artwork.

See this person up here? This anonymous Internet Edison, with their seashell shower curtain and their pink dog leash, solving the problems that plague the discriminating reader who values both literature AND cleanliness?

This person understands. This person gets it. Bless you, random tumblr user (tumblr-er?). You're the reason we can have nice things.

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