Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Things I like

In no particular order, here are some things that I like:

Black beans with cheese. Right out of the can. I don't even wash the black sludge off first. In fact, that's kind of my favorite part of the beans-and-cheese experience, slurping up the black sludge after the cheese has melted into it. My sister says that I'm supposed to rinse that liquid away because it's so full of sodium. So now I get low sodium black beans.
Yep. These are they.
White sheer curtains. I like the way light comes into my apartment through them. And I also hope they block outsiders views of what's happening in here. I haven't seen my ass on the Internet yet!
Why? Why did I leave the Catwoman suit on?
Keeping plants alive. I've just got my bonsai in the apartment, which has been doing a lot better since I started watering it every day and leaving the blackout curtains open so it can get sunlight. At work, though, I've got quite the jungle in my cubicle. Big spider plants, so little speckled things I got for Easter one year that I don't know what to call, and a great big bin of wandering jew vines. I swear that's their name and I'm sorry that botanists are so racist.
"Does this remind anyone else of oppression?" - Botanists
Cartoons. Some of my favorites include "The Simpsons"--a student worker and I got into a Simpsons quote-off today in the office that escalated pretty quickly into a full-blown quote-off war that ended with "Paul Newman's gonna have my legs broke--"Futurama," "Daria, "Batman: The Animated Series," and most recently, "Avatar: The Last Airbender." R bugged me for months to watch this last show and is officially my latest pick for Best. Thing. EVER.
It's all on Netflix. Go ahead, you deserve it!
 And finally, this 1928 map of the Big Island of Hawaii from the Bishop Museum Press.
Sometimes I just like to throw this sort of thing out there to see if advertisers can come up with more useless crap so perfectly tailored to my tastes that it's downright eery.

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