Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One month on the new job

Let the drinking begin!

I've currently clocked in one solid month at the New Job and am sitting pantless in my chair drinking a sake cup full of red wine, because drinking many small cups instead of one big cup means you aren't drinking as much.

My home chair, obviously, though going pantless at the office would undoubtedly increase my popularity.

I tried to be good; I really did. I walked to the subway the first week, promised myself I'd start yoga lessons in the school gym as soon as the semester started, and I even taught myself how to make shoyu chicken for the inevitable office potlucks. Responsible, stable Big Island Rachel, that was me.

For four weeks.

You see, I forgot about all the people on the OTHER side of the counter. The ones who yell at me and make outrageous demands; the ones who try to scam me; the ones who think the rules don't apply to them; and my personal favorite, the ones who cry.

Customer service, how I've missed you. Robot butler, another jigger of the shine! I can still feel my feet.

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