Monday, July 19, 2010

Bounty of Awesome

Have you ever had one of those days where the universe just keeps heaping scoops of awesome onto your already-loaded plate of awesome until the awesome dribbles down your arms and makes your paper plate get that crease in the middle where the potato salad gets all mushed in with the pulled pork, because of course this awesome is served at a barbecue as G-d and William Shatner intended?

Ever had one of those days, readers?

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. It's everything you'd expect from a title like that. To your right, Dr. McNinja fights chainsaw nunchucks.

Nerd York City, "NYC for misfits, geeks, nerds, otaku & fanboys." Yes, please.

Batman's Twitter, God_Damn_Batman. "Limitation breeds innovation. If I could turn my head I never would've developed the "No Look-back Punch." A true classic."

I'm not on Twitter. I won't be on Twitter unless and until my ancient phone dies and I'm forced to upgrade to a smartphone, because if you can't update your account as soon as you save Gotham from circus freaks, what's the goddamn point?

Like I said, heaps of awesome.

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